SIEM (Log Management)

If you’re in need of better security measures, SIEM software can help. A SIEM is used for the purpose of collecting and aggregating all the log data that’s produced in an organization’s technology infrastructure. In addition, SIEM can keep you aware of security concerns by sending you alerts and providing you with security-related reports. At SCT, we’ll offer you solutions that best fit your needs and we’ll help you remain compliant through log management services.

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Let SCT protect your organization with the right SIEM solution for your needs. In a time when attackers are becoming more troublesome due to their skilled evasions of enterprise defenses, it’s time to implement a solution that will help you detect threats today, not tomorrow. We’ll provide you with the peace of mind you need to keep your organization running smoothly. Our team will ensure that you’re offered a customizable solution that will not only exceed your needs and expectations but that will be reliable. At SCT, we’ll implement and manage your SIEM infrastructure in order to guarantee that it’s functioning properly. We know that log management can be time-consuming and tedious, which is why we’ll step in and do the hard work for you. We’ll provide you with unlimited and automatic log collection, analysis and reporting, and optional log retention.

If you’re in need of SIEM (log management), you can count on SCT to deliver the right solutions for your organization. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll make customized recommendations that will help you get to where you want to be.

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Advantages of SIEM

Integrating SIEM into your organization will ensure you benefit from a solution that:


  •  Informs you of potential threats
  •  Recognizes existing vulnerabilities
  •  Analyzes any suspicious behavior or patterns
  •  Monitors all of your security systems
  • Provides you with real-time analysis
  • Aids in regulatory compliance

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