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PasswordTotal, created by a security company, is focused on solving weaknesses in corporate password strategies, through routine auditing and real time validation controls to minimize an organizations weakness in how employees and customers choose passwords.

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PasswordTotal Audit

The PasswordTotal Audit solution is an easy way for any organization to evaluate their existing password hashes in the most secure means without having to deploy any complicated software, expensive GPU hardware infrastructure, or intrusive hacking tools.

Our turn key process will amaze the most seasoned auditor, and make your most seasoned penetration tester sit in frustration as we unlock your understanding of the risks that hide inside your infrastructure behind complex cryptography and tight security controls.

PasswordTotal Gatekeeper

PasswordTotal Gatekeeper is the evolution of the security offerings which allows for a real time validation of user’s passwords during the actual password change process to mitigate the risky human behavior of choosing a weak password during the password change process.

The product is offered in three general forms, a Windows password filter for your Active Directory domain, a Linux PAM plug-in, or a programmatic API interface to be integrated into your existing application.

PasswordTotal Gatekeeper allows your company to specify a custom list of passwords that you choose to deny outside the normal audit set maintained by PasswordTotal.  This allows for companies to include things like custom company names, or common passwords used by the helpdesk when provisioning systems, or even a password used by the training department, or an employee that has left the organization.

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