Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication solutions add a layer of protection. It ensures that those logging into a network or system are authorized users. Hackers can easily compromise passwords through theft, social engineering, or guesswork. Multi-factor authentication requires more than just something the user knows, such as a password; it requires the user also to possess something, such as a smartphone. The chances are slim that a hacker would be able to steal or crack a user’s password and also acquire that user’s device.

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Multi-factor authentication helps strengthen weak points in an organization’s data and network security. SCT helps you implement multiple authentication methods while allowing users to access tools such as mobile apps, cloud platforms, and more to increase productivity by leveraging technology. Minimize risk and maximize your organization’s agility. Best of all, we’ll make the entire process easy to manage.


This last benefit may be one of the most compelling reasons to implement multi-factor authentication. Whether your organization is seeking to maintain PCI DSS compliance for customer and user card payment information, or if regulations covering your industry call for security protocols, multi-factor authentication has you covered. Data security-focused compliance requirements often provide a useful roadmap for basic cyber security protection.

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