Data Governance

If you’re looking to mitigate the organizational risks of having poorly managed data while also learning how to gain financial benefits from your data, data governance can provide you with concrete answers. Establishing data governance requires organizations to first look at their data and determine which data can be used where, before creating a wide range of processes and practices.

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Benefits of Data Governance

The end goal of data governance is to form a comprehensive solution that is effective, useful, and able to control data assets – ensuring organizations get the most value for their data. If you need support in data governance, SCT can help you. We’ll recommend the solution that is right for your unique needs.

At SCT, we provide organizations with a solution that protects vulnerable data. Whether you’re facing cyber attacks or insider threats, our solution will ensure that your data is protected at all times. Our unified data security platform has been engineered with your organization in mind. With it, you’ll be able to:

Prevent data breaches by detecting abnormal behavior, privilege escalations, and unauthorized access to different servers.

Reduce risk sustainably by singling and monitoring your most sensitive data and safely locking it down with a privilege model.

Maintain regulatory compliance by meeting your requirements with the help of built-in reports and detailed, searchable audit trails of data access.

Once data governance has been established, your organization will have a solution that encompasses many areas such as compliance, security, integration, and more. This will enable you to better determine accountability for individuals and processes as well as decision rights. Your new organized structure will ensure clarity when it comes to which data processes can be used and when. You’ll also be able to determine which employees can be tasked with taking on particular responsibilities. Additionally, our customizable dashboards allow you to prioritize remediation and quantify risk as well as:

At SCT, we’ll help you protect your data, no matter where it lives. Our solution will give you full visibility, control access, and the power to protect your most important assets while managing risks.

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