Backup and Disaster Recovery

Most organizations are acutely aware of the costs associated with downtime. Whether a disaster strikes your company in the form of a hacker or a natural disaster, it’s important to be prepared with an intelligent backup and disaster recovery solution.

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Manage Data Security while Staying Protected

Convergence of Backup and Disaster recovery

Put simply, you can’t just focus on data backup or disaster recovery as mutually exclusive solutions. Your organization needs to be able to respond to any disruption in service – no matter the cause – within hours, if not minutes, of the incident taking place. 

The right backup and disaster recovery solution takes all possible scenarios into account, and will:

Gartner reports the average cost of downtime at $5,600 per minute1, making the price of implementing a backup and disaster recovery solution far less than the cost of being felled by a disruption.

Beyond the hard financial costs of a disaster are the costs of reputational damage when your organization can’t operate as usual. When downtime is minimized, your customers are happy.

Organizations bound by regulatory requirements like HIPAA must safeguard sensitive data. Staying compliant usually requires a backup and disaster recovery solution that truly ensures the security of that information.

At SCT, we know that managing separate disaster recovery processes can be complicated and time-consuming. But with the ongoing convergence of data backup and disaster recovery, it’s never been easier to manage data security while staying protected and remaining compliant at all times. It’s key to first be aware of the causes of downtime in order to ensure your data is protected from it. In addition to network failures, downtime can be caused by:

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