Student Wellness

Support whole-student wellness

Provide safe and supportive digital experiences for every student

From school and socializing to watching movies or playing games, students spend a lot of time online. Trying to keep them safe might seem like an impossible effort, but it’s not. At least, not with Securly. We help you proactively support student well being at all points online.

Technology Partners

Safeguard student life online

A strong web filter is your school’s first line of defense when it comes to protecting students online. Securly Filter is K-12’s most advanced filter, shielding students from digital dangers and distractions to ensure time spent online is protected and productive.

Go beyond the browser

See the whole story with AI-powered insight into student activity for email, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive files, too. Approach student safety from every angle, across every platform, and identify students who may be at risk of harming themselves or others.

Get alerts that save lives

Risk doesn’t retreat when the bell rings, which is why Securly offers around-the-clock activity monitoring to protect students at all hours. Our team of safety experts stands ready to respond to signs a student may be struggling—helping schools prevent incidents from ever happening.

Student wellness products that keep students safe

Web filtering plus student safety alerts

Scans email and docs for suicide, bullying and more

Mental health monitoring and alerts 24/7

Student safety and wellness alerts for parents

Visitor ID verification helps students feel safe

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