End-to-end Student Safety and Device Management for Schools

Always Connected.  Always Protected.

Keep your students safe on all devices with Securly’s signature cloud-based web filter and AI-based scanning of email, Docs, and Drive. Get full visibility into your students’ online activity and receive notifications for signs of cyber bullying, suicide, and nudity in images.

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Total Digital Hall Pass Solutions

Manage student movement on your campus the EASY way.

See e-hallpass for yourself.  Complete the demo request form to get a personalized demo (30 minutes or less).

Products that keep students safe

Cloud-based web filtering

Filter helps you deliver a faster, more educational web experience for all your students on any device.  Gain full visibility into online activity, download or email reports, and protect students from inappropriate content.

Real-time Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 scanning with AI-based notifications for nudity, cyber bullying, suicide and violence.

Auditor uses the most sophisticated AI engine in student safety to scan emails, Docs, Drive, OneDrive web searches and social media posts in real-time.  Get alerts based on context, not just keywords.

Empower and Engage Parents

Home lets you customize parents' control over their child's school devices so they can enforce screen time and activity limits.

Cloud-based classroom management tool

Allows teachers to guide, monitor and communicate with students during class.

Cloud-based Apple device management for Schools

MDM brings simplified mobile device management to Apple devices.  Designated specifically for schools and engineered with your needs in mind.

24/7 AI scanning and human analysis flagged notifications.

24 uses a sophisticated AI-powered sentiment engine to identify signs of self-harm, violence and bullying.  Web traffic searches are scanned, as well as emails and social media posts.  Flagged results are sent to Securly's highly trained analysts for review in context of the student's complete digital engagement to determine severity, then alert district staff based on your policy.

Be Confident YOu know who's on your campus

Visitor automates the identification, screening and tracking of every person that enters your school.

Notification system specifically for schools

Notify lets you quickly and easily send emergency and non-emergency notifications to parents/caregivers, students and / or staff.

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