Advanced Digital Security for Educational Institutions

Protect your endpoints, data and users with ESET's multilayered technology.  ESET PROTECT platform offers customizable security solutions, easy to manage from a cloud console.

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Manage your endpoints wherever you are

Multilayered Protection


Multilayered protection with easy one-click deployment from the cloud console.  Included components:


  • Cloud-based console
  • Endpoint Protection
  • File Server Security
Perfectly Balanced Protection


Keep your endpoints secure from ransomware and zero‑day threats with an easy‑to‑use cloud‑based console. Adds all the features of ESET Protect Entry, plus:


  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Cloud Sandbox (prevent zero-day threats)
Complete Protection


Cloud applications security backed by multilayered endpoint protection. Adds all the features of ESET Protect Entry and ESET Protect Advanced, plus:


  • Mail Security
  • Cloud App Protection

Single-Click Management

Actions such as create an exclusion, submit files for further analysis or initiate a scan are available within a single click.

Advanced Reports

ESET PROTECT platform provides over 170 built-in reports and allows you to create custom reports from over 1000 data points. 

Custom Notifications

Use predefined notification or create your own. The notification system features a full “what you see is what you get” editor.

Easy Installation

Deploy pre-configured live installers that automatically connect your endpoints to the proper cloud instance and valid license.

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