Endpoint & Server Security

Cyber security threats faced by today’s organizations fall in a wide range. Any device used by your staff – whether a smartphone, laptop, or tablet – can be a vulnerable entry point for threats. Attacks can travel into your network via these endpoint/end user vectors if they aren’t adequately secured. Endpoint and server security mitigates your risk of attack.

Because we understand that every organization has different security needs, SCT’s approach to endpoint and server security is to provide customized recommendations that fit your unique requirements. In addition to providing you with the solution that’s right for you, we’ll also help you stay compliant no matter your industry regulations. For any possible cyber security threat, our solutions will secure your vulnerable entry points. Endpoint and server security through SCT provides:


Take advantage of robust features including:

Both human expertise and deep machine learning capability

High-quality, 24/7 technical support

Easy deployment and effortless implementation

Low false positives thanks to multi-layered technology

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Our endpoint and server security solutions work for organizations of all sizes, giving you peace of mind and the protection you require no matter how many endpoints need to be secured. Whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise, we have your vulnerable endpoints covered.

Gain access to:

The “power of the plus” – a combination of traditional and next-generation techniques for comprehensive endpoint protection

Artificial intelligence and deep learning built into threat prevention to detect known and unknown malware

A single console to manage all endpoints, servers, and mobile devices

An all-in-one security solution that is unobtrusive, easy to use, and powerful

When you have a powerful endpoint and server security solution in place, your organization has better control over an ever-growing number of vulnerable access points. If you’re ready to protect your data all the way to the perimeter, SCT has a security solution that will meet your needs.

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