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Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most revolutionary technologies for organizations to date. From simplifying application deployment and cutting costs to improving the ability to scale, organizations are now reaping the benefits of cloud to their great advantage. However, cloud does not come without its perils, and Secure Content Technologies is your partner in cloud security for protecting your data, applications, and infrastructures.

Every organization’s cloud needs are different, and we recommend the solutions that will fit your exact requirements while helping you stay compliant. Whether you maintain public, hybrid, or private cloud, SCT helps customize a cloud security program that gives you the assurance your infrastructure is secure.

Cloud security features include:

A single firewall for all-in-one protection across multiple security technologies

Secure, automated deployment and configuration

Server protection policies

Intrusion prevention systems

User and application controls

Management of network, user, and application policies from a single console

Email solution to help prevent spam, malware, fraud, and phishing sites

Simulated attack training for email phishing that teaches your employees what to look for

Licensing options including a pay-as-you-go model per user, not device

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    Gain all the benefits of using the cloud while knowing your organization is protected. SCT helps you maximize what the cloud has to offer without compromising on security.

    You’ll enjoy:

    Improved scalability
    Protections for your cloud environment are flexible and easily integrate with your cloud solution so you can scale for the future.

    Consistent visibility
    Get insight into your servers, on-premise systems, and cloud-based environment through an easy-to-use portal.

    Data security
    As organizations produce larger volumes of data, cloud security puts protocols in place to protect critical information.

    Constant support
    Gain peace of mind that your network stays online and protected with built-in redundancies and reliable service from your trusted partner.

    Unique fits are our specialty.

    If you’re one of many organizations that are combining on-premise, existing solutions with newer, cloud-based ones, SCT is your expert partner for creating a unique cloud security strategy to encompass your entire infrastructure’s needs.

    We have established expertise in corporate, education, and state and local government markets, and we deliver cloud security to organizations in those industries to address specific compliance needs.

    SCT can help your organization achieve cloud security, agility, and efficiency by establishing a security posture to protect you from all sides. Contact us today to work with a partner devoted to your success strategy.

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